Oroville Golf Course 2017 Member Questionnaire


#1: Why do you play golf? (select all that apply)

Socialize with friends

#2: What keeps you from playing more golf? (select all that apply)

Family/work commitments

#3: Would you prefer that our next manager be from the local area?


#4: If your membership dues did not increase would you be in favor of hiring a PGA Professional?


#5: How would you prefer the new manager be paid?

Base salary with incentives
#6: If you had a PGA professional available here at Oroville Golf Course, which of the following offerings would help you to enjoy the game more? (select all that apply)

One-on-one coaching

#7: What is your current level of golf ability?

Recreational – I enjoy golf as a social activity

#8: Are you interested in: (select all that apply)

Golf events, light competition or none, with social aspects mixed in

#9: What is your gender?


#10: For our female members, would you like to see more ladies tee boxes?


#11: What year “window” were you born in?


#12: Do you have children at home?

No, my children are grown (and live more than 2 hours from OGC)

#13: On a scale of 0-10 (10 being the highest) how likely are you to recommend Oroville Golf Course as a place to play golf, meet new people and eat/drink socially to:

Friends  10

#14: What next step, if any, do you believe the OGC Board of Directors should be taking soon to improve the overall experience (for members like you) at the Club in the coming year?









By-laws of Oroville Golf Club Inc 2016


Oroville Golf Club

                                                                                 Tee Times: (509) 476-2390

    GOING AWAY PARTY for Gene & Susie.

Monday, November 6 at 5:30 PM at the clubhouse.  Potluck. 



Louie Wilson, President of the Board